SHINE from YAHOO “[Postcards from the Bump]’s filled with fun and quirky details and tips about pregnancy… Basically, it's like a bunch of your best girlfriends got together and wrote you a book. Instead of freaking you out, Postcards makes you smile…Along with being a nice Mother's Day gift for an expectant mom, you should add this to your list of potential baby shower gifts.”  VISIT LINK

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS “...[Terry and Beanland’s] positive attitude coupled with the duo’s breezy style give the book its “talking to a friend” flavor. Extensive research, meanwhile, enabled them to pass on scientific insights into everything from bonding with your burgeoning bump to the reasons behind cravings. [An] encouraging, baby-focused, non-alarmist gift book.”

QVC Nesting has appeared on the popular home shopping network over a dozen times with frequent “sell out” shows! Postcards from the Bump has also been featured.

VOICE OF AMERICA “Pregnant women are often advised on what to eat and how to take care of their health to nurture their developing babies. But they are rarely encouraged to get to know their unborn baby's personality. But now comes Postcards from the Bump, a guide for expectant mothers who want to bond with their babies long before they're born.”

TOP SHELF PICK from San Francisco Chronicle, May 29, 2009 (Postcards from the Bump)

WICKED LOCAL BROOKLINE, MA Emily Miles Terry is a Brookline resident and New York Times best-selling author for her book Nesting: It’s a Chick Thing. Terry was recently on QVC to promote her new book Postcards from the Bump: A Chick’s Guide to Getting to Know the Baby in Your Belly, which will be in stores for Mother’s Day. VISIT LINK

Pregnancy  Bestseller List #9 (May 8, 2009, Postcards from the Bump)

Reviews of Postcards from the Bump:

“How refreshing!! Finally a book on pregnancy that looks at how we can bond with our babies before they are born instead of focusing on all the medical stuff. This is a must read for expecting Moms. It is full of heart warming stories, clever tips, and even great recipes! Happy reading!!” —C. Jefferys

“I have read many of the pregnancy books and this one is like no other! It is filled with joyful, interesting, positive and just plain FUN information about becoming a Mommy! I think it is a must have for all pregnant mommies and will be my new baby shower book for my friends and family.” —M. T. Eldred  

ROOKIEMOMS.COM “We like a book that has ideas of fun things for moms to do!” Activity #1378: Create a WHILE WE WERE WAITING FOR YOU scrapbook  VISIT LINK

PJMOMMY.COM “All I can say is fantastic!! These two ladies need to really write a novel! They are funny and smart and I laughed and understood and want to give this to a pregnant woman so she can laugh and understand! The authors cover it all and also let you in on their pregnancies and what they went through and what you can expect and more. I laughed so hard at her cravings for festival/carnival nachos with neon cheese! It was such a fresh new view on the whole experience...

BABYBITTENBEDNER.BLOGSPOT.COM “If you are looking for a "Congrats on Your Pregnancy" gift for someone who is so excited to be pregnant, I highly recommend the book, Postcards from the Bump...." VISIT LINK

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